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Important Announcement – Due to the worldwide Lockdowns

All orders will be posted out next working day by 1st class signed for post for UK orders and tracked airmail for International orders.  Tracked orders can be tracked online at royalmail.com, please be aware you are responsible for any customs duty that may be charged in your country.

Thank you for your custom & understanding

Metaphysical Research Group supplies a range of Metaphysical, Esoteric & Occult products for researchers and practitioners, we carry books on dowsing, Divining Rods, Beechwood Dowsing Pendulums, Crystal Dowsing Pendulums,Ouija Boards & Planchettes. Our pear shapped beechwood dowsing pendulum is recomened in Barbara Brennans Book ” Hands of Light”

Metaphysical Research Group researches human potential to self-heal and develop consciousness of the subtle energy fields that surround us and are part of us. These energy fields commonly called the Human Aura and Chakras are detectable by attuning your sensitivity through the use of meditation and energy tools such as dowsing pendulums, dowsing rods.

We manufacture in the UK a range of Beechwood Dowsing Pendulums that are hand turned by a master wood turner. Wood has been found the best material for dowsing pendulums as it is neautral.

Much is kept from you and held in secret as higher knowledge : Your ability to heal, to use your mind to create what you want, to send and receive messages telepathically. To see pictures or read energy fields – THESE ARE YOUR INNATE ABILITIES. If you claim your inner power, then the few who live in wealth and are in charge will have a very difficult time controlling you. How could they if you were free, unencumbered by shoulds, sins, and limitations?” – Barbara Marciniak.

We carry with us a tremendous force for positive change and wellbeing, a force that lies within the human body and fills the universe, a force that is intelligent in nature and open to all to heal, to manifest your desires. It is known by many names; Chi, Orgone, Life force, Prana, Od, Vril

We aim to tread new pathways in the 21st century, forging new inroads into contact with the spiritual realms with no dogmatic beliefs based on outdated ideas.

The time is now we have been awakened to a greater good for all, a greater understanding of our place in the universe, everyone has the ability to heal themselves and others, everyone has the God given gift of spiritual communication with the source of life itself , we aim to help develop these innate abilities for good.

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