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"Much is kept from you and held in secret as higher knowledge : Your ability to heal, to use your mind to create what you want, to send and receive messages telepathically. To see pictures or read energy fields - THESE ARE YOUR INNATE ABILITIES. If you claim your inner power, then the few who live in wealth and are in charge will have a very difficult time controlling you. How could they if you were free, unencumbered by shoulds, sins, and limitations?" - Barbara Marciniak. We carry with us a tremendous force for positive change and wellbeing, a force that lies within the human body and fills the universe, a force that is intelligent in nature and open to all to heal, to manifest your desires. It is known by many names; Chi, Orgone, Lifeforce, Prana, Od, Vril

law of the triangle

Law of the Triangle

The universe is made up from numerous Laws, the Law of the Triangle is a Metaphysical principle in creation. Every single thing that can be identified either conceptually or visually is the result of two other separate properties. Every manifestation is the result of two simultaneous causes,. In the human organism we are the totality of spirit and ┬álife force…